Discover the Huawei Share technology of the MateBook

Huawei Share Technology: What is it? Huawei Share is a wireless sharing technology. In particular, it allows you to transfer videos, images, documents, and any other file between devices more quickly. To recognize nearby devices, Huawei Share technology uses the Bluetooth function. It also uses Wi-Fi Direct for transferring files without the consumption of mobile data.

Huawei Share technology, therefore, makes it possible to quickly share files between the MateBook D16 laptop and another device that supports the software. Better, thanks to this technology, the recipient has the possibility of previewing the files before receiving them. Thus, he can view all the contents of the files as soon as they are sent to ensure that they are really the files he needs.

How to share files between your MateBook D16 and a device using Huawei Share technology?

The process to share files between your MateBook D16 and a device with Huawei Share technology is very simple. To do this, you just need to first ensure that your computer and the device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then follow these steps:

  • go to your device’s Huawei Share settings
  • enable Huawei Share technology, then click Sharing with computers
  • activate the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi of your MateBook 2021 laptop
  • check if the PC Manager of the computer is working fine in the background
  • swipe the phone device status bar to enable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC functions
  • rest the phone’s NFC detection area against the Huawei Share sensor on your computer or against the center of the touchpad
  • copy the name displayed next to the device name as well as the password and username
  • finally confirm the connection on computer and phone to finalize the connection process.

To perform this last step, it is also possible to open the PC Manager. Therefore, you can use the connection mode of your choice for the connection of the two devices.

Why use the Huawei Share technology of the Matebook

Apart from the fact that the Huawei Share technology allows you to connect your Matebook computer to other interconnected devices, it offers several other advantages. In fact, thanks to this function, you will also be able to control your phone from your computer. In addition, it offers you the possibility of answering your telephone calls once connected, and this directly on your computer.
Finally, the use of the latter also allows you to open several windows at the same time on your computer for better management.

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