Connected watch: how to choose the right one?

Connected watch how to choose the right one? Do you know that it is very easy to make a mistake when you want to pay for a connected watch? Indeed, very few people have mastered the world of smartwatches. It is therefore important to be well informed about their functionalities and the different versions on the market before making a choice. Here is a little guide to help you hold your hand in your purchase.

The different types of smartwatches

In the world of connected watches, we can distinguish up to 3 different types of products. The first category is watching which depends on a smartphone. These are the most popular smartwatches of the moment. This is well explained by the competition between the brands that are Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and Asus… These watches must absolutely be linked to a smartphone. Serving as an extension of the phone it is paired with, the smartwatch offers many features. Thus, such a watch notifies you of calls and notifications from social networks and other applications. Some also offer the weather, the mp3 player, a GPS, the translator, a stopwatch… The connection between the telephone and the watch is made by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The second category is that of watches with a sim card or autonomous. They offer the same functionalities as a smartphone. So you can use them as a separate phone. The last category is that of connected bracelets. They are not actually smartwatches. Much more suitable for sport, these bracelets do not all have a screen. On the functional side, they serve as activity trackers. Thus, they allow you to follow your physical activity throughout the day.

Consider usage for features

The use you want to make of your watch is also a crucial aspect in terms of choice. Indeed, as we have already explained, not all smartwatches are equal in terms of functionality. It is therefore up to you to see which one meets your needs. For a confirmed athlete, a connected bracelet would be a better choice. On the other hand, for someone who just wants to have notifications from their phone and listen to music, a watch paired with a smartphone is ideal. There are also smartwatch models that have a wide range of features. These utility watches are high-tech and even allow you to control connected objects at home.

The autonomy of the connected watch

When choosing your connected watch, you must also pay attention to its autonomy. Without good battery life, you cannot properly enjoy your smartwatch. Today, manufacturers offer devices that can operate for an entire year. However, famous brands still offer watches that barely last a few days and require constant recharging. Do not skimp on this criterion to make a better choice.

The screen of the connected watch

The screen brings more comfort to the use of the watch and is also one of the most important features. We distinguish several screen technologies on the market. AMOLED technology is the most widespread because of its performance. Good luminosity and attractive colors are its characteristics. Unfortunately, this technology is energy-intensive. On the other hand, LCD panels are economical and allow use under the sun. Their downside is poor color quality. On the market, you will also find hybrid watches that are halfway between analog and digital.

The aesthetics of the connected watch

The watch is an essential fashion accessory. It is therefore essential that you choose a smartwatch taking into account its design. On the market, the forms are diverse. You will mainly find the square screens which are more high-tech and the round screens like a dial. If you like to stay classic, you can opt for hybrid models. If you want some inspiration, you can check out Connected Watch and check out all the styles they offer.