The technical factors to consider when choosing a mobile CB terminal

The technical factors to consider when choosing a mobile CB terminal. Do you manage a business or offer various services? You certainly already know that the method of payment via credit card is essential for your business. A poor choice of mobile CB terminal can make you lose credibility with your customers and negatively affect your business. Here are the criteria to evaluate to choosing a mobile CB terminal.

Choose the CB terminal that suits your type of activity

There is no standard electronic payment terminal (TPE). Each type of business must have a specific TPE model, with features that facilitate payment to customers. It goes without saying that a restaurateur cannot systematically use the same device as a salesperson in a shop. To take advantage of a terminal that is advanced in technology and adapted to your business, you can open a pro account online on myPOS, for example, which offers simple and quick access to many professional profiles (self-employed freelancers, sole proprietorships, LLCs, …).

The nature of your business therefore has a prominent place in the choice of your credit card terminal. For example, if you run a restaurant or a café, a mobile device with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection will be required. You will be able to go directly to the customer with the device and collect the payment.

Likewise, if you go door-to-door or move regularly with your goods, a GRPS terminal will do the trick. In short, it is up to you to assess your needs and choose a device that meets them.

Take into account the payment conditions of the terminal

By opting for a TPE whose collection conditions put your customers at ease, you guarantee a good reputation for your company. Designers offer devices with manual input options. That is to say that the customer must insert his card himself and enter his confidential code to confirm the disbursement. However, for more speed, it is advisable to use a TPE with the scanner.

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Consider connection technology with the bank

Payment terminals are directly linked to banking services for the validation of transactions. For the mobile terminal, two models have preferred: internet access and connection to a communication network. For TPE operating with internet access, you can use a wired connection. In this case, a simple connection to the internet box is sufficient. Data transmission is automatic. Likewise, it is possible to opt for a wireless connection by connecting the device to a Wi-Fi network.

With the GPRS model, the mobile terminal has a SIM card to facilitate communication with the bank via the networks of mobile operators. More advanced models even allow connection to the network from a smartphone previously equipped for this.

Take a multifunction mobile terminal

Currently, on the market, you can find payment terminals that go beyond the collection of funds. They are multifunction devices capable of recognizing and accepting international means of payment and other additional services. Get closer to your bank to get an idea of the models it offers.

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