High-tech companies: Taxes relating to your business premises!

High-tech companies: Taxes relating to your business premises! If you want to create a high-tech company, you are considering the purchase of commercial premises, you must then dwell on several axes which are more or less important. Indeed, companies must pay a multitude of taxes and it is necessary to know them before giving a positive follow-up to your file. For example, there is a parking tax, especially for surfaces of more than 500 m².

Taxes for different premises

Many people decide to embark on the adventure of the company without mastering all the aspects. This can negatively impact contracts, partnerships, and even finances. You will therefore have a tax on offices and premises, particularly in Île-de-France. There are several criteria that you must take into account since the areas are not the same.

  • surfaces and car parks that are dedicated to parking, an area of more than 500 m² is required.
  • For storage, the area increases to 5000 m² against 2500 m² for premises that have commercial use.
  • For offices, there are also taxes with an area greater than 100 m².
  • Remember to declare these premises, especially alongside professionals, because there are often errors due to a certain misunderstandings and even ignorance.

Request an audit to identify taxes

If you do not have skills in this area, it is better to seek help from an expert. The latter perfectly masters all taxes such as parking. He then offers you a relevant and simple audit, the results will then be ideal for your company. You will know if these premises are taxable, how to declare them and how to pay the various taxes. In addition, you will be accompanied during all the steps for the declarations in order to avoid errors.

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