Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the first voltaic electric battery

Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the first voltaic electric battery. Famous for many years, Alessandro Volta is the physicist who invented the voltaic pile. Of Italian origin, the Congress of Electricians named Volt’s electromotive force unit in honor of this great physicist. Born on February 18, 1745, Alessandro Volta was born in Como, a town nestled on the lake of the same name in the Italian Alps near Milan. As a peculiarity, it should be noted that Alessandro Volta did not begin to speak until he was 4 years old. Two years later, he joined a Jesuit school, where his believing parents sent him. And it was around 1759 that this giant of physics made the decision to study this same subject so that, at the age of 17, he would complete his university studies.

Who is Alessandro Volta?

It was in 1774 that Alessandro Volta began teaching physics at the Royal School of Como. An establishment with which he will remain until 1779. Throughout this same period, he will perfect the electrophore, a machine used to generate static electricity. He then devoted his activities to research on electrical phenomena. For this, he begins to isolate methane and develops the audiometer. Similarly, note that Alessandro Volta made use of electrophore to discover a number of laws.

The invention of the voltaic pile by Alessandro Volta

It was in 1792 that Alessandro Volta began his research based on Galvani’s notes. The latter focused in particular on the contraction movements of the dead frog. It is not yet certain that it was animal electricity. We speak more specifically of electromotive force.

Around the year 1773, Alessandro Volta developed a tension table based on metals. His relentless research led to the creation of the battery around 1880. This one he built by stacking discs of copper and zinc, all separated by cotton wool moistened with sulfuric acid. On March 20, 1800, Alessandro Volta sent a letter to the Royal Society of London detailing what is currently called the voltaic pile. In short, Alessandro Volta designed the first electric battery, the precursor of the dry batteries used today.

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