Why is it absolutely necessary to be interested in bitcoin?

In this article, we are going to focus on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. With the rise of alt-coins, many investors lost interest in this cryptocurrency, which was the very first cryptocurrency ever created.

Some investors already perceive bitcoin as outdated

This article looks at the basics of bitcoin technology. If you are interested in investing in bitcoin it may be of interest to you to read it. If you want to invest, we recommend the BitiQ platform, which is a platform to connect with a professional broker, you can access and connect to BitiQ here. This broker will accompany you in your investment process in bitcoin, but also in other cryptocurrencies if you wish. Now let’s look at how the fundamentals of bitcoin are extremely interesting for those interested in cryptocurrencies.

Today there are a lot of cryptocurrencies and these cryptocurrencies are starting to show real usefulness. There is sometimes a too superficial approach to cryptocurrencies and the operation of the blockchain, especially among new investors.

It is important to remember that Bitcoin was the first blockchain that allowed people to carry out transactions without having to pay an intermediary. This was the birth of decentralization in finance and this concept of decentralization is still a fundamental topic in the operation of all blockchains. Anyone can check transactions, and see who validated them. All information about the actors present on the network (main owners of the cryptocurrency, etc.) is transparent.

Decentralization and transparency are fundamental to the functioning of the blockchain and we must not forget them at the risk of making it lose its nature and its interest. This is why it is essential to always refer to these key concepts that were already present in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin is interesting because it does not experience the same inflation as fiat currencies

Knowing all these founding characteristics of bitcoin can help anticipate future trends. Today the trend is towards scalability, all blockchains seek to be faster and more efficient than the others. However, none of them are as secure as bitcoin.

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