The electronics manufacturing market is expected to reach €3 trillion by 2020, with the Asia Pacific being the largest market by geographic region and China the largest market by country. In addition to providing market segmentation and growth by region and country, the report also covers the top five electronics industry trends over the next five-year forecast period. ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY TRENDS IN THE TECHNOLOGY SECTOR. EMS companies provide more design services for sub-assemblies and finished products.

Virtual reality in electronic manufacturing

Virtual reality technology allows companies to inspect design objects at every scale imaginable, eliminating product defects at the design stage.

IoT technology driving smart home appliances

Home appliance manufacturers are integrating their products with IoT technology to make customers’ lives comfortable and convenient. The main technologies for using smart home appliances are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, micro-servers, and micro-electromechanical systems.

Growing demand for smart TVs

A smart TV combines the features of televisions and computers and includes a television with built-in functions for Internet use. Smart TV users also have direct access to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

To take advantage of this trend, TV manufacturers around the world are entering the smart TV market.

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