With this new year on the horizon, what trends can we expect to see next year in the security industry? All of this will necessitate the adoption of ever more effective cybersecurity measures. In addition, recent government pressure for greater protection of public places should allow the security industry to continue its activities.

Biometrics and facial recognition

While the travel and immigration industries have so far dominated the biometrics market, the technology has been quite slow to make its way into our daily lives. However, with the recent release of Apple’s iPhone X, which uses facial recognition to unlock the phone, and with other manufacturers soon to follow, biometrics seems poised to enter the mainstream. We should see a lot more of this technology next year.

Data, data, data

It’s quite mind-blowing to think that YouTube users upload 400 hours of new videos every minute of every day. This is just a small fraction of the data we create daily around the world. Improvements in video analytics have led to a better understanding of visual data obtained from CCTV images.

internet of things

The growth of this market shows no signs of slowing down, with IDC predicting that global spending on the Internet of Things will reach 772 billion euros in 2018.

Protect crowded places

In response to the ever-present threat of terrorism, the government has just published a strategy to protect public places.

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