ELECTRICITY: WORKING WELL ON A SITE. In general, on a construction site or major renovation, electricity is still non-existent. This is explained by the fact that the work is in its infancy, and no connection has been made. The site manager must therefore provide a backup solution to be able to work in good conditions so that the project can start properly. To do this, the installation of a temporary meter is imperative. Other alternative solutions are also available to connect your site to an electricity network, or simply to supply it with light. But how to proceed?

Use a lighting mast on the construction site

Lack of lighting can be a hindrance to the progress of your project. The lighting mast is then an interesting situation to overcome this problem. It is equipment with a high illumination capacity, including a telescopic arm that allows it to diffuse optimal lighting anywhere on the site. The use of this device makes it possible to provide sufficient light even in the most remote spaces. Its great advantage lies in its ability to be moved easily, in particular thanks to a very compact device.

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A lighting mast ensures brightness, even after sunset. You can also use this device for your various night events. This is a very popular solution in the absence of a traditional connection to the electrical network.

This equipment consists of a diesel engine, a telescopic mast, and a generator. You should know that the mast can be folded either hydraulically or manually. As for the generator that composes it, it is also essential for connecting small tools on the site.

As for the power, you can find a mast from 100W and up to more than 2000 W. It is especially recommended for installation at a height between 8 and 10 m.

The benefits of a generator

The most commonly used are generators powered by a diesel engine, due to their high levels of performance and efficiency. One of its great advantages is its ability to supply energy continuously, without interruption. This saves you from the unexpected during the realization of your work.

Why choose a generator?

A generator provides a constant electricity supply. This equipment is not only efficient but also very robust, being able to ensure fairly long periods of time, up to several weeks. Opting for a diesel engine allows you to save on the price of fuel, which is the lowest.

In terms of power, you can choose it according to the needs of your activity. The generating sets are available with different performances and powers. They create no noise disturbance in the environment when in working order.

Turn to wind energy

Another alternative to fossil fuels, wind energy is interesting for producing electricity without generating greenhouse gases. It is an ecological solution and quite relevant, under the right conditions.

To benefit from this, you have the choice between two technologies that differ in the orientation of the axis of rotation. Vertical-axis wind turbines, for example, are smaller than horizontal-axis ones. The latter is the most common for industrial parks and professionals.

It is advisable to orient your choice towards a horizontal axis if you want a good yield. However, you should know that its installation requires a lot of space and it is quite noisy, especially if you opt for large wind turbines. It adapts rather to a regular wind without turbulence.

As for the vertical wind turbine, it works even with irregular winds. It is compact and very quiet. However, it is less efficient than the horizontal wind turbine.