Industrial cleaning is a very important method of the industrial design, construction, and procurement process because almost all industrial products must be completely cleaned of hazardous particles, otherwise, a particular product may not perform as intended or required, rendering any an inefficient operation, just because of one part. Therefore, industrial companies must ensure that they have a reliable source of cleaning and degreasing services to avoid any such negative or preventative effects.

What is industrial cleaning?

However, it brings added value to businesses, as customers are more sensitive to cleanliness throughout the production process. Industries get machines to last longer thanks to their maintenance and, moreover, employees appreciate positively the fact of working in a healthy environment. Therefore, the public image of the company improves, as it meets all the hygiene requirements.

What characteristics should cleaning products meet?

They must have 3 fundamental characteristics:

Be compatible

Depending on each surface, there is a specific product compatible with the material of the industrial installation.

Be disinfectants

They must be effective against a large number of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and fungi.

Be sure

It is essential that the product is safe, both for the operator and for the environment.

What are the requirements of the industrial cleaning process?

It is necessary for a qualified cleaning company to handle the expensive machinery and potentially dangerous chemicals that industrial cleaning involves.

They must know everything about the products to be used for each machine and each material.

Industrial cleaning techniques

Due to the wide variety of machines used and depending on the type of industry, there are obviously several techniques to deal with industrial cleaning. The most used are:

Ultrasonic cleaning.

Perfect for delicate plastic, rubber, stainless steel and wood objects. It still requires a specific cleaning solution to be effective.

Pressure water cleaning

Hot water effortlessly removes melted grease, resin, and oil. Not only does it reduce the amount of detergent used, but it also saves up to 50% time.

Steam cleaning

It is valid for surfaces with encrusted stains, except those that are sensitive to heat. The use of water makes it the most ecological and hygienic technique.

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