USED CARS WHERE TO GET SUPPLIES? Are you a dealership or a mechanic? You certainly know it: supply is a key issue for the development of your business. Indeed, to resell your vehicles at a competitive price, you must find a supplier who offers used cars at market prices. Purchasing centers, specialized platforms, individuals… Today there are several solutions for sourcing used cars. Let’s take a look at this article.

Auto purchasing centers

The majority of car dealerships, mechanics, and dealers turn to purchase centers for their used car supplies. Why? Because these providers unquestionably offer the best-used car deals. More importantly, they make it easy to find the makes and models you need to build your used car inventory.

Indeed, most purchasing centers have supply networks of different origins. They work with various market partners, including manufacturers and dealer groups. This means that they always have a stock of used cars. Since the supply is abundant, you can easily build your fleet at very competitive prices.

Platforms specializing in sales to automotive professionals

There are also platforms specializing in the sale of used vehicles for automotive professionals. Just go there to find the vehicles you are looking for. Like central purchasing agencies, these sites allow you to find almost all the makes and models of used cars of your choice.

Indeed, specialized platforms offer the sale of used cars online. This approach saves you time. But not only! You can also stock up on used cars without having to travel. They display preferential rates, which will allow you to make a better offer to your customers. In addition, these professionals regularly offer new arrivals.

Vehicle trade-in lots

If you are a mechanic, you can opt for trade-in lots from dealers to supply your vehicle inventory. Indeed, the latter often make trade-in offers to their customers who buy new vehicles. They collect these trade-in cars into one lot which they sell at a great price.

Often, dealers sell trade-in lots at auction. Most often, it is a batch of 10 to 20 used vehicles. It should be noted that as a professional, you must take the whole lot, but it will still be cheaper than building up your stock by buying the cars one by one.

Individuals who sell their used vehicle

Note that you can perfectly supply your dealership by sourcing from individuals. Indeed, many automotive professionals use this method because it allows them to obtain more advantageous prices. In addition, the private market is full of used vehicles where you can choose the interesting models for your business. Of course, you must buy cars one by one to build up your stock. Nevertheless, you can make really good deals thanks to the price of resale vehicles.

Supplying from individuals allows you to have a more varied stock and thus meet all your customers’ requests. The advantage of this type of supplier is certainly the price which is lower. Then, you have the possibility of having a wide choice of different individuals. You can also search for used vehicles from private individuals on various websites.

Other ways to source used cars

To recover used vehicles, you can also go to sales sites where many used cars, of all brands and all types of models, are offered for sale. Of course, you have to sort out and buy the cars one by one. But it remains a practical solution to compose a batch as you go. Moreover, with these sales sites, you can consider a bigger margin.

Another way to supply your stock of used cars is through estate auctions. This is a sale of vehicles requisitioned by the courts or the police. As in all auctions, the car will go to the highest bidder. The advantage is that you can offer your price to try to make a good deal.

What about the most popular used car models?

In France, the used vehicle market saw a 27% increase in 2020. The most sought-after models are used cars one-year-old and less. Regarding the engine, there is strong enthusiasm for hybrid and electric models.

To get a better deal, you must therefore inform yourself about the most popular models in order to build up an easy-to-sell stock. To help you, we have listed for you the most sought-after used car models in 2020. The Renault Clio, of all generations, ranks first. Specifically, the most requested models are the Renault Clio II and the Renault Clio III. The Citroën C3 III and C3 II are in second place, followed by the German compact Volkswagen Golf VII. The latter is ahead of the Renault Scénic, the Renault Twingo II, and the Renault Twingo III. In 6th place, we find the Renault Mégane III and the Renault Mégane IV, followed by the Peugeot 208 I and the Peugeot 208 II. Next comes the compact lion, the Peugeot 308, followed by the Peugeot 206 in 9th place. Finally, the German city car Volkswagen Polo ranks 10th in the category of most popular used cars.

Do not hesitate to follow these trends to complete your stock of used vehicles and thus ensure faster sales over the rest of the year.

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