WHEN WILL THE TESLA CYBERTRUCK COME OFF THE ASSEMBLY LINE? It was a typical Elon Musk gesture: reminding Ford and General Motors – both located within 65-75 miles of the three-axle track in the small town of Brooklyn, Michigan – that Tesla still owns the electric vehicle market and will soon challenge the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet Silverado EV with its own pickup. Expert Arthur Lambert and I analyze the highlights of the presentation.

Tesla Cybertruck presentations by Musk

To be fair, Tesla isn’t attributing the production delays to a shortage of computer chips. In fact, the company avoided the kind of factory shutdowns that hit “mainstream” automakers during the pandemic by supplying its own chips.

“Next year” – is optimistic at best for the appearance of a Cybertruck. Even if you become one of the first buyers to put down a deposit for a Cybertruck, you won’t see one until December 2023, according to a competition industry analyst. This means that the first deliveries will not take place until 2024 at the earliest.

The hope is that Tesla Cybertruck drivers can enjoy all the entertainment elements provided to Tesla Model 3 owners.

Cybertruck design and specifications

Historically, Tesla’s manufacturing power has been built on its ability to efficiently build and upgrade batteries and computer control systems. The company is constantly learning strength techniques and now promises a “nearly impenetrable” exoskeleton and cold-rolled steel.

Because… Pride trumps practicality, especially when you have such large market capital and no confidence in meeting deadlines.

“Tesla needs a Cybertruck,” says Sam Fiorani of AutoForecast Solutions.

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