LA FRENCH TECH HELPS YOU CREATE YOUR STARTUP IN BORDEAUX! Many people do not understand the difference between a startup and a traditional company. The first is created on the basis of an economic model (“Business model”) which will allow it to stand out from the competition and therefore earn money.

Being a structure in full effervescence to transform an idea into a company, the startup is more easily presented as a transitional phase of a project. The emphasis is on bringing value to customers through a product or service that no one has ever done before.

If you intend to create your startup in Bordeaux, this article is for you. Discover Frenchtech Bordeaux and the various organizations dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs that the city makes available to you.

Get support to create your startup in Bordeaux

In such a complex business world, these entities often need advice, assistance, and financing.

  • Its local administrations such as its Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).
  • Support and assistance platforms for startups such as French tech Bordeaux.
  • Assistance work during the setting up of your project in terms of logistics, financial, fiscal, and social management.
  • An analysis of the socio-economic environment of the company (market study, the study of needs, the study of customer habits, etc.)
  • Support during the preparation of the provisional budget.
  • Advice on the organization of work in relation to the nature of the company’s activity.

Why create your startup in Bordeaux?

Presented as one of the most dynamic French cities, Bordeaux has all the necessary criteria to attract the working population. Moreover, it is in this respect, the first destination of Parisian executives who prefer to flee the hustle and bustle of the capital and settle elsewhere. The economic dynamism of Bordeaux as well as its well-built urban model have enabled it to be a favorite destination for the creation of start-ups and entrepreneurship in general.

Thus and like all companies, startups have their own ecosystem. In France, we speak rather of “French tech” which defines the ecosystem of French startups.

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