UX Writing is a discipline in its own right within the wide scope of UX Design and the ergonomic design of digital interfaces. It consists of writing content on a digital interface. This language, intended for interface users, should therefore be considered useful for users. Here are some recommendations for making the UX Writer a bridge between language and technology.

What is the role of UX writers?

UX writer usabilis

In any ergonomic and interactive interface design project, the UX Writer is a phase that should not be overlooked. . They are also responsible for conducting user experience research as part of the user-centered design process.

Their main concern is being UX writers. Their objective lies in the production of clear messages adapted to the level of knowledge of users, whether beginners or experienced. For example, it is important to favor affirmative messages, which are less ambiguous and quicker to understand, unlike the negative turn, which is a source of confusion. It is also appropriate to use the active rather than the passive form. The first being more direct and easier to understand than the second of the forms of the UX language.

The UX Writer, rules to master

Thus, there are a large number of rules intended to produce easily understandable messages. If you want to know more about the language of the interface and modes of application, you can consult the reference work on the subject: “UX Design & Ergonomie des interfaces.

To find out more, see the site dedicated to the book: “UX Design and ergonomics of interfaces”.

It encompasses the UX Writer phase in the interface design process while providing additions such as updates in the areas of ubiquitous applications, responsive web or even mobile-first design.

Finally, let’s also remember that content strategy and content design are relatively recent practices. No one really knows what these writing techniques mean or what they consist of. The confusion is such that many articles online use their applications indiscriminately as if they were similar. Indeed, a UX writer, working in UX writing, does not do the same job as someone who works in content strategy. Content writing and UX writing are not really the same thing. The UX writer writes primarily to improve the user experience. Their texts must be clear, concise, and useful. Their purpose is to help and guide the user. This way of writing for users is therefore different from writing intended to attract the attention of the customer. In the latter case, it is more about marketing and its writing processes than anything about the user experience.

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