HOW TO MANAGE YOUR COMPUTER MAINTENANCE? Computer maintenance is an important point for companies in terms of systems, networks, and security. Preventive maintenance is an asset for the management of computer equipment.

Computer maintenance is a headache for companies. The management of the computer park requires a particular skill and costs a lot of money when a breakdown occurs.

What are the computer maintenance levels?

Computer maintenance brings together different concepts.

Software maintenance is done on a daily basis by the operator using the computer equipment. For hardware maintenance, we speak of preventive maintenance and curative maintenance. It concerns the troubleshooting or prevention of failures on computer equipment

What is the interest in preventive computer maintenance?

Preventive maintenance makes it possible to anticipate a certain number of breakdowns, in order to avoid any inconvenience by replacing or overhauling the equipment. It can occur recurrently and systematically. This maintenance makes it possible to prevent failures that would threaten the safety of goods and people or which would lead to high costs. It makes it possible to anticipate shutdowns or restarts that are far too long.

It is also possible to set up equipment monitoring procedures, in order to obtain immediate notification in the event of a breakdown. In a computer park, the solution envisaged may be the regular change of machines.

Who takes care of computer maintenance within a company?

In large companies with a large computer park, it is possible to find a computer maintenance technician position. Its role is to maintain the fleet and to carry out maintenance in the event of a breakdown. He installs and configures all the equipment. He performs preventive and curative maintenance on each of the workstations.

This specific position is not created in all companies. Most companies decide to entrust computer maintenance to specialized companies that come to maintain their computer parks. These are outsourcing companies that improve the computer park over the years. They provide their customers with appropriate technical support.

Why use external IT support?

Depending on the activity of the company, maintenance requires a permanent presence. IT support includes different measures to distinguish failures with several levels of action. At the first level, there is a telephone assistance service, in order to locate the fault and deal with it quickly and efficiently.

The technician implements various actions to resolve the situation: the repatriation of defective devices, making an appointment to resolve the problem in person, taking remote control of the equipment, etc. The last level corresponds to a critical situation. An engineer intervenes to solve the problem.

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