SMART CITIES THE CITIES OF THE FUTURE. In the digital age, we tend more and more to automate our daily lives. Urban life is no exception. Thanks to various facilities to benefit from an even faster Internet such as fiber or 5G, our way of life could radically change. This is already the case in many cities, in France, and around the world.

What are smart cities?

Smart cities simply use digital tools to optimize their operation. They use real-time data to adapt to the flow of the population and better meet their needs while keeping economy and ecology in mind.

How do these cities become smart?

The areas concerned by digitization and making these cities “smart cities” are, among other things, transport and mobility, with in particular the development of platforms for carpooling, rental of bicycles or scooters, or in the long term, taxis ruffles. Ecology is also at the heart of smart cities. Sensors installed in the dumpsters could also warn municipal agents when they are full. With digital, artificial intelligence, and IoT, the possibilities are almost endless.

Smart cities in France

In France too, smart cities are more and more numerous. In this regard, IONOS, a major provider of cloud infrastructure and services, has analyzed the place of digital technology in thirteen cities in France to make a ranking, according to various criteria such as digital infrastructure, mobility, urban services or still healthy to name a few.

What emerges from this IONOS study is that all cities are considered “excellent” in terms of digitization, with 10 points for all in the field of health and urban services. However, Paris is in the lead with a maximum score reached. This is due in particular to the various accesses to Wi-Fi, available free of charge in the city, but also thanks to the presence of fiber and 4G, and the rapid development of services. Then come Bordeaux and its good marks in terms of public life, then Lyon and its digital infrastructure, or Lille. Marseille, the second-most populous city in France is only in tenth position, between Nantes and Toulon.