INDUSTRIAL 3D PRINTING COMPANY: HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE? Additive manufacturing has seen advances characterized by the development of several optimized industrial processes. This industrial 3D printing technology holds significant economic and technological potential for business growth in many industries. So how can you improve the products and services offered by your industrial 3D printing company? You will find all the information in this article that our team has taken care to write for you.

Choose a manufacturing strategy adapted to your market

To improve the quality of the 3D objects manufactured in your company and thus make your offers more competitive, it is essential to update your manufacturing processes. This will consist of drawing a production line specific to its offers and its field of activity. In practice, it will be necessary to define fusion technologies adapted to its needs and those of its customers. This approach should be carried out before the prototyping stage in order to improve product design more effectively through various adjustments. This makes it possible to reduce the initial investment and to develop a production system based on established knowledge. Consequently, the production cycle becomes faster and less expensive, at the operational phase.

Such a production strategy requires the recruitment of experienced professionals for the implementation of the process and the management of change. It is also possible to collaborate with other expert companies, as a service, for the manufacture of prototypes. As such, Air Liquide is a good option, because its expertise and innovations in industrial 3D printing make it a collaborator of choice. This company will also offer you adaptive and flexible gas supply offers adapted to your production process.

Train your technical teams

To carry out its strategy of updating its additive manufacturing processes, it is crucial to train its teams in specific skills such as: CNC machining and programming, laser technology and 3D CAD/CAAM. You must also bring your technical staff (technicians and machine operators) to participate in thematic workshops according to your field of activity for 2 to 4 days. You can also rent machines for the benefit of your technicians in order to improve their know-how by having them practice directly on the tools that will make the future success of your business. Take a step ahead of your competitors by equipping yourself with the most innovative machines in the sector in order to dominate your market.

In addition to the activities carried out during the workshops, certifying or qualifying training provided by experienced structures can be considered. To ensure complete control of the processes, training on post-manufacturing operations (heat treatment, post-machining, manual finishing) is necessary in order to provide fine and good quality products to your customers. In this sense, a partnership with a benchmark in industrial 3D printing such as Air Liquide is the best alternative currently available on the market.

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