VIRTUAL TOUR: VALIDATED MARKETING MOVEMENT.What better marketing argument than a virtual tour of your business? Offering an unobstructed view of your services, however, websites have this connotation of not being very concrete. We are indeed looking for a more “human” side to attract the customer and give him confidence. The solution is at your fingertips, it is a small virtual tour of your company to give depth to your ads/offers/services. Let’s see together how these kinds of virtual tours work.

The virtual tour, the new fashionable ad?

The virtual tour is the new “High-Tech” way to face ever-increasing competition on social networks/sharing platforms in general. The new marketing equation in vogue is: Increased visibility = boost in sales. And since the consumer now wants to see with his own eyes how his product is made / manufactured, manufacturers have no choice but to comply with general demand. So that was a little recap of how the virtual tour technique came into play. This method consists of hiring a qualified and accredited photographer to take footage of your business/premises and edit them in order to make a plan to follow. You will of course have control over any modifications but also the places/corners to show as a priority. Most photographers will offer you to establish a specific itinerary to follow for the virtual tour of your business.

Why opt for a virtual visit to promote your business?

All the interest of the virtual visit rests on the freedom of the visitor to explore the nooks and other details concerning the company in a spontaneous way. Where in a video the viewer will have no choice when it comes to past sequences, on a virtual tour he is the only master of the images he will perceive. This acts as a credibility enhancer with customers who will perceive the organization as a company that advocates transparency. In addition, the virtual tour can also open other doors for you, for example:

  • One or more partners looking for seriousness;
  • possible new recruits;
  • offer quick discovery stands.

This last option is particularly aimed at entities that rely on salespeople to promote their services. The salesperson being in himself qualified for the sale of the brand image, he will be able to rely on the virtual visit to give even more meaning to his words and arguments.

What are the main elements of a virtual tour?

So first of all, you should know that a virtual tour is not a video. It is not filmed or edited as such, but in the form of shots grouped together to give a form of entity to the whole. Virtual tours offer the visitor several choices when it comes to the direction to take (in a building for example). These choices are called “Nodes” in technical parlance. In general, the more nodes your virtual tour offers, the richer and more interesting it will be for the customer.

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