RELAMPING: 6 THINGS TO KNOW. Today, more and more residential buildings and businesses are turning to energy renovation. The aim is to reduce energy consumption and minimize the energy impact on the environment. Relamping is one of the best ways to achieve this. It consists of optimizing lighting by opting for modern and less energy-consuming lights. If it is a residence or a business, it can help make the living environment more pleasant or improve the working conditions of employees.

Who is LED relamping for?

Many companies resort to relamping. However, this concept is also beneficial for individuals and condominiums. For companies, it is an effective way to reduce the carbon footprint related to their activities. It also helps to reduce their energy consumption. Within a company, lighting alone can represent up to more than 40% of energy expenditure.

By investing in relamping, the company will be able to save up to more than 50% on its energy consumption. On the other hand, it will be able to offer its employees a quality working environment thanks to an optimized lighting system. This will boost employee productivity.

For individuals and condominiums, LED relamping allows you to benefit from a more efficient and less energy-consuming lighting system, which will reduce the costs associated with lighting rooms in the house or various parts (communes and private) of the collective residence. The savings made on the electricity factors can be used to finance other maintenance and renovation works.

Why call on relamping experts?

Whether it is a business, a condominium or a house, the renewal of a lighting system requires the support of qualified professionals. From these experts, you will learn everything you need to know about relamping and the choice of luminaires. This operation follows a precise process and the professional will accompany you at each stage.

The study of the places

Before starting the operation, the professional will carry out an audit of the premises and a technical and economic assessment of the lighting system. Thanks to the information collected, he will be able to draw up a detailed estimate and a relamping plan.

If it is a home, condominium building, or business, the fixture renewal plan may be different. To do this, he will take into account the annual operating hours, the number of lamps to be replaced, their position, etc. Thanks to this study of the premises, the professional will be able to:

  • define user needs in terms of lighting;
  • evaluate the performance and luminous efficiency of bulbs;
  • identify any energy losses in your installations.

An ecological solution

LED lamps provide a large amount of light while consuming less energy. Thus, the use of this type of lighting in companies can contribute to significantly reducing the carbon footprint linked to their various activities. In addition, these luminaires are made from recyclable materials. Unlike some older models of bulbs, the operation of these lights does not require the use of mercury. By investing in these new generation lamps, you are therefore helping to reduce the environmental impact of businesses and homes.

Improve the value of real estate

By opting for relamping, you will bring a touch of modernity to your property or your business premises. In addition, with the entry into force of the new DPE, lighting is now one of the essential criteria to be taken into account when evaluating a property put up for rent or for sale. Thus, by deciding to optimize your lighting installations, you also improve the value of your property.

Relamping: is it a more economical solution?

In addition to being less consuming, LED relamping reduces the maintenance costs of your lighting system. This applies to both indoor and outdoor lights. During the first 5 years of the life of your new LED lamps, you will have to incur almost no expense. Added to this, these new generation luminaires have a longer lifespan. Investing in relamping therefore clearly appears to be a more economical solution than the old lighting devices.

Is the quality of the lighting excellent?

LED relamping also allows you to enjoy better quality lighting. LED lamps have the advantage of providing a greater quantity of light. They can reach 120 lumens per watt, while the luminous efficiency of incandescent lamps often does not exceed 20 lumens.

In addition, the light emitted by conventional lighting generally varies according to the intensity of the current. This variation tends to create some discomfort for those present in the room. On the other hand, you will not encounter this problem with the new generation bulbs, because they diffuse the light evenly, which guarantees the most pleasant lighting comfort.

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