A PRIVATE PHOTO SHARING SERVICE FOR EHPAD. In the age of social networks and online services allowing remote communication such as Skype or Zoom, many Internet users keep in touch with their distant family and friends during confinement. The same is true for EHPADs who feel a great need to be able to give regular updates to the families of their residents and send them photos via a private photo sharing service for EHPADs.

Share and give news to families

If you do not know what an EHPAD is, it is an accommodation establishment for the elderly where medical follow-up is offered for dependent seniors. Concerning them, some nursing home managements have chosen to create a Facebook group to share photos and videos with distant families.

American sites in the hot seat

Facebook, (but also Instagram or WhatsApp which are subsidiaries of the Facebook group) are among the least reliable online services in terms of protecting privacy and image rights. Sharing photos of residents on this type of site creates a number of risks.

Recently, more than 500 million accounts have been hacked. Personal data, shared photos, phone numbers and other sensitive data have been hacked.

A private blog creation service for nursing homes

Once the decision to no longer share on social networks or via an American site, these public (or private) establishments embark on the search for a more reliable alternative to share with distant families.

A private blog for EHPAD: 10 obvious advantages

  • It is a private space where to publish photo albums and videos
  • Only families have access to the private area
  • There are no advertisements, nor any use of personal data
  • Privacy and image rights are fully respected
  • Simple to use and quick to share with families
  • The service works on computer, tablet or smartphone without application
  • Free registration allows you to try out the features of the site
  • Invited families do not have to create an account (handy!)
  • Admin can customize blog design
  • All posts are private and invisible to search engines

The anti-Facebook dedicated to EHPAD & families sharing

As you will have understood, it is a useful solution, really useful, for all accommodation establishments for the elderly. The creation of a private blog also makes it possible to promote the quality of the service provided by the staff of the establishment and to be able to share a real follow-up with the families.

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