CYBER RISKS: USERS MOSTLY INVOLVED. Although it is an essential tool in the business world today, the internet faces several dangers. Among these, cyberattacks are more and more recurrent and cause a lot of damage to both companies and individuals. It is therefore essential to erect safeguards in order to guard against the risks of a cyberattack in a company. Find out more information on the subject.

The most common types of cyber attacks

A cyberattack is an offensive action aimed at infiltrating systems, computer networks, infrastructures or even computers in order to modify, steal or destroy data. There are several ways in which hackers achieve their dark purpose. First, it may be the password attack which is the mechanism most used by hackers to gain access to your data. Generally, they use software to decrypt your password. If the password is not complex, they manage to decode it very easily.

Hackers can also use Ping of Death which is an attack that pings a target system using IP packets of at least 65,535 bytes. This can cause the target system to experience crashes and buffer overflows. The consequences of a cyberattack can be disastrous especially when it comes to companies that usually possess vital data and information.

Fortunately, there are insurances that cover the financial costs corresponding to the computer disaster and thus allow the company to quickly resume its activity. If you want to know more, know that there are several cyber insurance brokers who offer their service. In addition, hackers can also use phishing to gain access to sensitive information.

The special case of phishing

Phishing or phishing is the most used attack lately. It consists of obtaining personal information in order to perpetrate identity theft. Hackers make their victims believe that they are talking to a trusted third party. In this way, they obtain personal information from them such as the credit card number, a password or even the date of birth. Victims can be redirected to sites where they will be abused by entering their personal codes. The attack can even be done by e-mail, and in this case, it is difficult to discover the deception.

Some solutions to overcome these problems

More than ever, business leaders need to make it a priority to educate staff on how to easily avoid corporate phishing. All personnel should be aware of the major role they play in securing their company’s network.

In addition, business leaders must organize simulations to test the knowledge and readiness of employees. It is therefore up to business leaders and employees to know the preponderant place they hold in protecting their business against phishing.

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