WHY YOU NEED A MANAGEMENT COMPANY TO ENSURE IT SECURITY. With the development of digital technology, computer attempts and attacks are constantly increasing. Whatever the sectors of activity, data is precious and it is essential to protect it effectively from hacking.

It is not easy to effectively guard against these threats, it requires specialized skills and expertise. But there is an effective solution to ensure the security against a cyberattack of all company data and information systems (IS): outsourcing.

How outsourcing protects companies?

These external IT support companies offer comprehensive services and solutions to relieve all companies of their IT management. This ranges from data outsourcing and maintenance to optimization and cybersecurity.

By entrusting the management of information systems to a team of IT experts such as Itaia in Paris, large companies and SMEs benefit from appropriate protection. A dedicated team and specialized engineers advise and supervise the entire computer park. Multiple services to ensure security against a cyberattack are offered:

  • Professional antiviruses and firewalls.
  • Identification of vulnerabilities during an IT security audit.
  • Continuous monitoring of the Dark Web and social networks.
  • Maintenance, support and data backup.

The importance of a managed services company to ensure security against a cyberattack

Protecting sensitive data, avoiding hacking, misuse and misappropriation have become major issues on the web for both individuals and organizations. Hacking has intensified and the CNIL is warning of an explosion of cyberattacks. The sustainability, the proper functioning of a company as well as the regulations require increased and continuous protection.

The consequences can be dramatic, even the bankruptcy of a company. It is about brand image, reputation, strategy, business continuity. This can generate significant losses and costs. An outsourcing company will, on the contrary, increase performance, optimize performance and allow you to stay at the cutting edge of technology.

IT issues related to cybersecurity are inevitable and often complex. To remedy this, specialized human and material resources are essential. Choosing to use an outsourcing company is an asset for all organizations.

Outsourcing for all professionals?

Today, even the smallest businesses can fall victim to cyberattacks. All sectors are targeted by cybercriminals. From the smallest to the largest company, from the online distributor to the international industrialist. All infrastructures can be victims of viruses, phishing, spyware, financial scams, and even ransomware.

Outsourcing is the perfect solution to ensure the security against a cyberattack of all systems containing confidential data. It allows all professionals present on the web to focus on their core business and above all to work with complete peace of mind.

The IT management and security of a company are not to be taken lightly. By opting for the outsourcing solution, all organizations benefit from optimal protection that they cannot do without.

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