If you are looking for a surveillance camera to strengthen the security of your home, shop, or workplace, you are aware that you are spoiled for choice on the market. Indeed, many brands offer different models of surveillance cameras to meet the different expectations of users.

To learn more, we present you with detailed reviews of three flagship products of the brand that are among the best sellers on Amazon. These are spy, panoramic, and wireless surveillance cameras with WIFI connectivity.

FREDI 360° Panoramic surveillance camera review

This panoramic surveillance camera model is ideal for monitoring your home, your children or pets inside your home. Due to its compact nature, the camera can easily be transported for use during your campsites to ensure your safety.

Advantages of the Panoramic 360° camera

  • a very wide viewing angle,
  • remote video viewing,
  • 960p HD video quality,
  • easy to use and install,
  • compatible with Android and IOS smartphones,
  • WIFI technology to connect remotely to the camera,
  • clear night vision up to 16 m away,
  • motion detection and alerts sent to your phone,
  • the availability of the intercom mode,
  • the possibility of having the camera hands-free to use it on your computer to communicate with your loved ones,
  • if the SD card is full, the recording of videos is done automatically on the oldest recording,
  • a small and compact camera that blends easily into the decor,
  • A good price-performance ratio.

Opinion surveillance camera Spy Camcorder FREDI

If you are more interested in discreet surveillance without being noticed, you can opt for the Spy model. This small format surveillance camera allows you to record videos for an estimated duration of 2 hours. It is also a multifunctional product so you can use it as you like in different situations.

Advantages of Camcorder Spy Camera

  • the number of infrared lights for better night vision,
  • a wide viewing angle of 140°,
  • improved night vision,
  • loop recordings,
  • a built-in microphone for audio recordings,
  • the variety of video recording modes,
  • the possibility of using it as a webcam or baby monitor,
  • the possibility of using it in connected mode,

FREDI wireless HD surveillance camera review

In this way, he will be able to notify you of the slightest activity in your home in real-time. In addition to its image quality, this surveillance camera guarantees high-quality recordings during the night.

Advantages of the wireless HD camera

  • 1080p high-definition panoramic video recordings,
  • direct and simplified control on your smartphone,
  • a 108° wide-angle lens,
  • a fairly wide range of rotation in the horizontal and vertical direction,
  • the possibility of using it as a webcam or baby monitor. The product can also detect baby crying,
  • the ease and speed of configuration,
  • activity and movement alerts transmitted in real-time,
  • the FREDI Cloud which allows you to record surveillance videos in a loop,
  • an irreproachable quality/price ratio,

As you will have certainly noticed, FREDI offers different models of cameras able to meet user expectations. There are wired and wireless cameras to choose from based on preference. In terms of performance, it is often better to opt for wired cameras to ensure continuous recordings. It is also important to consider the storage space so that you can record videos for hours. At FREDI, the Fredi Cloud promises you recordings without interruptions and an automatic recording which allows you to overwrite the oldest videos in order to free up more space.