CRM: WHY CHOOSE A SCALABLE SOLUTION?More than ever, companies need to embark on digital transformation. Customers have changed their purchasing behavior and this evolution is not about to stop. To be able to keep pace, companies need to put in place the right strategies. In addition to the various effective techniques, the use of a powerful tool such as CRM is also essential. This tool supports a company’s development strategy. However, it must be scalable.

What is a CRM?

A CRM is a customer relationship management tool. It allows companies to put in place a good management of their relationship and their interaction with their customers. This software helps streamline its process and increase its profitability.

A CRM can even have a greater role in improving overall business relationships. Often, when we talk about CRM, we refer to an information system that a company uses to manage its contacts, its sales, its productivity, and even its internal communication. It encompasses marketing, e-commerce, sales and customer service.

Why should a CRM be scalable?

CRM impacts the entire development strategy of a company. It even influences its organization. It is therefore necessary to configure it upstream and to ensure that it is regularly updated to take advantage of increased capacities. If a CRM is not scalable, it cannot help a business achieve its goal. The best solution is to set up a CRM software adapted to your needs and capable of supporting you in your growth.

Use a comprehensive tool

A scalable CRM is a powerful tool that is regularly updated to incorporate new features. When your business needs change, you won’t have to switch CRMs. It automatically adjusts to your requirements to bring together your sales, marketing and project management teams.

The best CRM is ergonomic. If it is too complicated, it may be shunned by other collaborators. Not only does the company waste time when setting it up, but it also loses a lot of money. With the different offers from CRM publishers, it is now possible to adapt your tool to your situation and your budget. The advantage with a scalable solution is that it grows with you as you grow.

A guarantee of security for business data

A CRM is an essential tool for the organization of the company. However, it often has flaws. It can be the source of information leakage from the inside or an opening for computer attacks. If you opt for a non-scalable CRM, you are exposed to these problems at all times.

A scalable CRM does not only improve its functionality. It also rectifies the security flaws present in your information system. In the event of a change of personnel, the company continues to operate without risk of loss of information.

Identification of needs and objectives

Your information system must serve your strategy. The first step is to ask the right questions. Why do you want to set up a CRM? In which cases do you want to use it? How do you want to conduct your customer relationship? When you have an answer to all these questions, you can draw up a specification. Thanks to this document, you will be able to determine the functionalities that your CRM must integrate.

Note that the right CRM is not one that has many features. It is the one that offers the essential features for your business to help you achieve your goals. When identifying your needs, you must also anticipate future developments. This will save you from changing software after a few years.

CRM Cost Comparison

Cost is very important in choosing a CRM system. This is not only the cost of acquisition, but also the additional costs which vary from one publisher to another. Think of the hidden costs which can be very high, in addition to the cost of the license or the subscription. It concerns dedicated IP, hosting, additional modules, database cleaning services, etc.

Take into account the installation costs which can range from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of euros. Start-up support, training, configuration and customization are important to deploy CRM throughout your company. Also plan for maintenance costs, essential to take advantage of a scalable information system.

Adaptation with collaborators and other software

A CRM is much more interesting for a company when it is used and accepted by all employees. Its implementation will have an impact on the internal organization and can upset entrenched habits. To motivate your team members to use it, all you have to do is involve them in its choice. Opt for a CRM that offers software training. Above all, choose a CRM with a simple interface.

In order not to completely change your habits and have to transfer large data, it is important to choose an interface adapted to your usual software. It must adapt to the different digital tools of your company.

CRM is becoming an essential tool in the life of a company. He must accompany him in his evolution. This is why scalable CRM software is needed. To determine the best CRM solution for your business, do not hesitate to do an IT audit. This is an essential step in choosing the right CRM

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