DEVOPS APPROACH IN IT: UNDERSTANDING IT TO USE IT WELL? The challenge for any business in the 21st century is to respond effectively to competition. For this, the use of management and automation tools is necessary. DevOps is an approach to mention in this category. It concerns the development of software and makes it possible to bring the development teams of a company closer to its operational teams. DevOps develops special methods of sharing, automation and testing to improve the quality of your products and make them more quickly accessible to your customers. Here’s how to successfully take advantage of this tool in the long term.

The importance of being trained in the DevOps process

Although it is very effective, the DevOps approach cannot be improvised. You have to be trained to use it well. So approach a reliable DevOps training organization to acquire the required skills and thus benefit from the approach. To choose this organization, base yourself on the professionalism of the trainers. If the consultants who are responsible for instructing you on the approach are used to working in large companies, you can trust them. Also, to have a good quality training, it is necessary to opt for modular courses. This will allow you to tailor the training to your skills and professional goals. The opinions of former learners will also be of great help to support you in your choice.

The importance of choosing the right DevOps tools

The other requirement for success with the DevOps process is the integration and optimization of management tools. Indeed, not all companies are exposed to the same realities. That said, assessing the real needs of the brand is an important step. This will allow you to select the DevOps tools that will be useful to you. So bet on communication between the members of your team in order to list the solutions. Having a strong corporate culture is therefore not useless here. Note, however, that some continuous integration tools are still essential.

The importance of automation for the DevOps approach

With a strong company culture, it’s easy to boost a team’s productivity, but it won’t be enough. Certain provisions must be made in this case in the IT sector. Indeed, management would be really tedious without the possibility of automating certain tasks. As an example in the computer industry, certain code errors or logic breaks in a program should normally be the subject of automatic troubleshooting. The automated systems of the DevOps approach must therefore serve you for this. This will allow staff to save time and focus on other activities. With automated systems, the whole process is easily controlled. Verification and compilation are also done efficiently. So note that it is thanks to the automation solutions that the DevOps process allows the company to save time and use a reduced workforce when it comes to personnel.

DevOps approach: pros and cons

You can expect several positive feedbacks by adopting the DevOps process. Among other things, you develop updates and development versions of your computer system more quickly. The tests carried out in parallel with this development also allow you to reinforce the reliability of the sector. Other advantages of DevOps are:

  • faster development,
  • greater IT security,
  • a greater ability to solve problems,
  • greater employee productivity.

Finally, remember that the DevOps approach also has some limitations. Indeed, if there is a lack of communication around the approach and the integrated tools, there is a risk of friction within the team. Remember that any change requires good communication in the company so that the scope is identified by all employees.

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