BUYING A NEW AUTO STARTER: WHEN AND HOW TO DO IT? Like the alternator or the spark plug, the auto starter plays a crucial role in starting a vehicle. However, like any part, it is not spared from breakdowns. These manifest themselves in different ways, sometimes requiring the purchase of a new auto starter. Discover through this article, how to deal with the different breakdowns of a starter.

The role of the car starter

The starter is, as its name suggests, the part that starts the engine of a vehicle. Virtually invisible and small, it is far from ancillary equipment. A new as used starter consists of an electric motor, a starter and a solenoid. Recognized as the central part of the starter, the electric motor is the part that supplies electrical energy to the starter via a large cable connected directly to the battery.

The launcher is the mechanical system that activates the flywheel process. Finally, the solenoid is located between the ignition key and the electric motor. Composed of a core, it is its action that powers the starter circuit.

Symptoms of a Broken Starter

A non-functional or broken starter is usually caused by the driver turning the ignition key, but nothing happens. Better, if all the electrical components of the vehicle are working, know that the problem comes from the starter and not from the battery. Whether you own or drive the automobile, keep in mind that the signs of a broken starter are as follows:

  • The vehicle refuses to start despite several attempts with the ignition key. Added to this, you hear a click when you turn the key.
  • The vehicle starts correctly, but emits a metallic sound for a few seconds. This abnormal noise usually comes from the engine and is sometimes persistent.
  • The starter spins in a vacuum and makes a loud noise.

These symptoms may result from abnormal operation of the solenoid or even a clogged starter. They are also likened to a defective pinion or starter. Whatever the breakdown, when it occurs, the ideal is to call a garage or an auto part supplier, if you need to change your starter.

Find a good auto parts supplier

To find a reliable auto parts supplier, you need to consider different factors. The first tip is to buy your parts online. Indeed, with the advancement of technology, you no longer need to physically go to a store to make your purchases. In this sense, you can compare the prices of auto parts offered by different websites in order to choose the best offer.

Remember that the best auto parts supplier is one with a proven track record. Like the “” auto parts sales platform, he must have a solid set of references. This is reflected in the good reputation it has with its audience. To realize this, just consult the opinions of former customers and Internet users on the supplier’s website.

However, you can choose to buy your parts in physical stores whose reputation you know not only, but also and above all the quality of the parts sold. In the absence of choosing auto parts yourself, you can entrust this task to a professional. It will always be beneficial for you to have the advice of this one.

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