Loss of network at the office what to do? Connecting has become an integral part of the day for individuals and professionals. We can even say that without the connection, the day is not successful. However, due to different reasons, you may experience network loss in the office.

This can impact the productivity of the company but also the continuity of the different tasks of each branch of the company. How to solve this loss of network at the office? We offer you a quick but effective solution in this article.

What is a wifi repeater?

A Wifi repeater is a piece of equipment in the form of a small box. Installed in the WiFi coverage area of ​​your Modem, this device will broadcast WiFi in an uncovered area of ​​your home. It is a way to capture WiFi from a larger area.

In addition, this device is part of the amplifiers, however, it cannot amplify the Wifi of your router. Nevertheless, the Wifi repeater will repeat the transmitted signal. In other words, it is considered a second box.

How to choose the right wifi repeater?

In order to solve your network loss problems, acquiring a Wifi repeater is a better alternative. However, to install a Wifi repeater , you must make the right choice. To do this, a few points must be considered.

Throughput and range

Taking into account the latest developments in the Wifi protocol, it is essential to choose the right Wifi repeater. Moreover, it must be compatible with your box. Indeed, if you have a real speed of 300 Mb/s, and you opt for a WiFi repeater AC at 900 Mb/s, this will certainly not allow your Internet connection to go faster because the WiFi repeater will automatically stabilize on the throughput of the box.

A mono-band or dual-band repeater

WiFi repeaters using the 5 GHz band are much faster. However, they have a lower range than WiFi repeaters in the 2.4 GHz band. Nowadays, some WiFi repeaters are dual-band and can manage two WiFi networks simultaneously. They have a range of 50 meters as well as a real throughput of 1200 Mb/s, to combine range and speed.

WiFi signal gain

When you get a WiFi repeater, your goal is to optimize your WiFi signal. These days, all low performance devices channel at least 6 isotropic decibels. In theory, it is rather less in practice. Generally, we recommend a WiFi repeater with a signal gain beyond 8 isotropic decibels.

Other features

Repeaters are equipped with one or many Ethernet ports making it possible to wire all the equipment to the network of the repeater, in particular, the television, the video game console, the Blu-ray player or other devices. To avoid condemning your various electrical outlets to which you must plug your equipment, some Wi-Fi repeaters are also equipped with a power outlet on the front. It is also a very practical system.