One of the main issues facing business owners in this connected world is how to ensure that communication between customers, employees and the business itself is as optimal as possible. Depending on the size of the business, you depend on the installation of a PBX to ensure communication between the various employees and, of course, to provide a high standard of customer service and accessibility. But did you know that a VoIP PBX today has much more to offer and is in fact indispensable for top-notch service?

Why a VoIP PBX?

The days when the telephone connection could only be made physically with a wire are over. More and more companies are switching to professional VoIP solutions, making traditional telephone lines disappear. But why is the rise of VoIP unstoppable? There are several reasons for this. Also, the costs are simply much lower. After all, the maintenance of the physical telephone exchange is eliminated, an unlimited number of employees can in principle use it, and the call costs are lower. Additionally, VoIP is easy to scale, which is ideal for fast-growing or seasonal businesses, for example. But a VoIP PBX is not only attractive because of these economic advantages.

Working from home just got easier

During the Corona crisis, it became clear once again that the ability to work from home as well as in the office is essential for any business. With a VoIP PBX, employees can also call and be called from home using a professional 09 number. The work landline number can be transferred to the mobile phone and for the administrator it is possible to adjust the settings remotely in an online portal. All you need is an internet connection.

More opportunities than ever to provide better customer service

When a client calls to arrange an appointment, you naturally want to facilitate this task as well and as quickly as possible. A VoIP PBX supports this in several ways, for example:

– A digital answering machine: it allows customers to leave a message, if the queue is too long or if the phone cannot be picked up temporarily for a while.

– A choice menu: “To better serve you, we ask you to choose from the following options”. When you hear this message, a choice menu is being used. This can help customers get to the right department faster.

– A pre-announce tone: when using several telephone numbers, it can be useful to let callers know which number will be called next.

– A welcome message: in fact, a must have for professional customer service. With a welcome message, customers can be greeted in a consistent and professional manner and you can give out a business card.

– A queue: there can sometimes be a peak load when many customers call at the same time. When there are more customers than the employees can handle, you can use a queue. A professional way to make customers wait – if there is no other way – before responding to them.

– Conversation recording: By recording conversations, you can train your employees to help customers more and more efficiently. You can also save any contractual agreement in this way.

Always reachable with a fixed number on the mobile

Nothing is more annoying than not being available when the customer needs you. A fixed number on mobile reduces this risk in several ways:

– A call filter: allows you to (temporarily) block selected incoming phone numbers, leaving the line free for other numbers.

– Direct transfer: Is the call center in France closed? No problem, incoming calls can be forwarded directly to mobile phones or even to a call center abroad.

– Managing Traffic Spikes: When running a highly successful marketing campaign, traffic spikes can occur. With a VoIP PBX, this is not an issue and traffic spikes are handled seamlessly.

How to choose the best VoIP solution?

A VoIP PBX offers many options. But there are also many different providers. How can you be sure to choose the best solution? When doing so, it is advisable to do a price comparison and pay attention to ease of use, but also to make sure that all options are also included in the package. Many VoIP providers initially offer low prices, but then additional options always require additional payment.

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