HOW TO LEARN TO MANAGE A CRISIS IN YOUR COMPANY? Prevention is better than cure. Learning to manage a crisis in your company is a far from superfluous precaution when you want to protect yourself from an industrial crash or an impossible-to-erase scandal. Contrary to popular belief, there are specific protocols for each type of unforeseen event, and mastering them in advance can make it possible to effectively resolve the most critical situations.

Properly identify the risks

Depending on the size of the teams and the sector of activity concerned, crisis management in a company does not have the same meaning. The dangers incurred by a collective of a thousand people are indeed very different from those that threaten VSEs / SMEs. In terms of computer intrusion or attempts at destabilization on social networks, the attacks to be considered are again totally incomparable, whether we are talking about a brand with a strong online presence or a small local business far from the digital world. . Calling on an agency specializing in this field such as LaFrenchCom for a complete audit helps you see things more clearly. Their experts, accustomed to intervening on a wide variety of incidents, will provide you with processes adapted to your realities while indicating the procedure to follow at each stage.

Follow a training to know how to manage a crisis in your company

Remotely or directly within the premises of the company, training in crisis management provides managers and employees with real know-how in terms of responsiveness. When large sums of money are at stake, making the right decision at the right time is essential to save the structure from drowning. Never be too optimistic in imagining that you can respond to any emergency thanks to your composure or your experience. If you are facing a large-scale smear campaign on the web, only specific techniques can respond intelligently to attacks. Equip yourself with a toolbox that can be mobilized at any time in order to anticipate difficulties and be prepared for all eventualities. Managing a crisis in your business is now a skill as important as marketing tips or acquiring leads.

Know who to contact in case of need

Even after having followed qualitative training and having prepared for a long time for the shock, he sometimes feels overwhelmed by the extent of the damage. Firms specialized in learning how to manage a crisis in your company generally have the advantage of having agents who can be reached 24 hours a day with flawless responsiveness. So all you have to do is pick up your phone as soon as you feel overwhelmed. The person at the end of the line will direct you in real-time and establish a point-by-point strategy to get you out of your bad patch.

On-call services to manage a crisis in your company are increasingly used by professionals and are a huge asset that you will not regret having up your sleeve. The idea is of course never to have to initiate this procedure. However, any good decision-maker is aware that the most spectacular successes are also the most fragile buildings.

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