WHY USE A THIRD-PARTY ARCHIVER TO PRESERVE YOUR DATA? To ensure the electronic archiving of your information and digital documents, you can choose to manage it internally with the risks that this represents (see below) or entrust this management to a third-party archiver.

What is a third-party archiver?

The third-party archiver is a trusted service provider responsible for managing the archiving of your data. Its role is to:

Eliminate risks by ensuring, in an environment of trust:

Reception of digital documents by encrypted channel
Retention of dematerialized data for the desired duration
Return of files
Their probative legal force
Their 24-hour online accessibility
Protect your professional secrets through our commitment and our know-how guaranteeing:

The integrity of the data returned
The probative legal value attached to archived documents
The security of digital safes and their contents
The sustainability of your digital heritage
Supports your structure through its direct action in:

The business recovery plan (PRA): in the event of a disaster, immediate online access to the data deposited in the safe allows the continuation of the company’s economic activity
Managing your most sensitive documents.

Digital Wealth Management

Your digital heritage consists of all your digital files (text, image, and sound) received or produced as part of your professional or private activity

The Heritage Code recognizes their value as Archives (article L211-1)

Just as your real estate assets fall under the competence of the notary, as your securities assets fall under that of your banker and/or your accountant, your digital heritage is the prerogative of the third-party archiver.

Certain major elements of this heritage need to be protected with a view to their restitution in the cases provided for by law.

Electronic archiving

Archiving is not saving. The main purpose of backup is to freeze a simple copy of a document for the short term.

Well beyond backup or online backup, electronic archiving aims to preserve digital data over the long and very long term for the purposes of proof in the event of controls and disputes…

In this context, the third-party archiver provides secure digital safes accessible and viewable by all accredited subscribers.

A secure digital safe allows, in the long term and the very long term, to

Submit all your documents
Conserve those who deserve to be protected
Render each item on demand
Digital archiving and the devices that guarantee it, such as the SAE (electronic archiving system) are governed by the NF Z42-013 standard, which has become international.

Commitments of the third-party archiver

By entrusting this sensitive mission to this type of service provider, the latter contractually undertakes to guarantee:

Authentication, digital identity certificate, digital signature, access control, SSL technology, redundancy of servers and archiving sites, encryption, clean rooms, etc.

Safe room, access authorization at several levels defined during the audit, class 3 digital identity certificate, certification authority, database partition, etc.

Permanent availability subject to maintenance needs, legislative and regulatory standards related to legal archiving, software tested and chosen by certain key accounts, etc.

Ease of implementation and use
Secure access portal, intuitive interface, “Certificate – Safe” pair, training provided, customization of the solution, etc.

The benefits of outsourcing digital archiving:
Once implemented, this service provides the company (or other organizations) with multiple advantages:

Your economic benefits
Reduce hardware and software costs: investment and maintenance
Reduce space and operating costs associated with physical paper storage
the costs of managing and returning stored documents
Reduce the cost of the PRA – Business Recovery Plan
Open a mobile office exempt from related costs

Your functional benefits

Have legal archiving solutions previously reserved only for large accounts
Use an interfaceable archiving system and access real-time information online
Improve productivity and knowledge sharing
Benefit from perpetually updated Very High-Reliability technology
Comply with technical and specific regulations and/or standards specific to each profession

Your safe benefits

Prevent risks related to the information system (disasters: vandalism, theft, fire, destruction, hacking, intrusion, etc.)
Allow the maintenance of economic activity in the event of a disaster in the company (PRA: business recovery plan)
Guarantee, in accordance with the legislation, the authenticity, integrity, durability, traceability, and therefore readability of digital data over time
Eliminate the risk of loss and obsolescence of data formats

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