What to Expect During and After Potenza Treatment in Singapore

Potenza treatment in Singapore

Potenza treatment is a relatively new radio-frequency (RF) microneedling skin treatment process that has recently gained popularity in Singapore. It involves a non-invasive procedure that helps in rejuvenating skin, reducing wrinkles and creases, and improving the texture of skin by using the body’s natural healing process. The results it delivers are quite noticeable, which is why Potenza treatment in Singapore is rising in popularity. But what exactly should you expect during and after a Potenza treatment in Singapore?

RF Microneedling in Potenza Treatment

As mentioned, Potenza treatment involves RF microneedling, where tiny needles are used to lightly pierce the skin in a controlled manner. This creates a series of micro-injuries, causing the body to engage in its natural healing process, which revitalises the skin. At the same time, the device used in Potenza treatment emits RF waves, which heat up the underlying tissue, causing it to speed up the production of chemicals such as collagen and elastin. These naturally produced chemicals cause skin to appear firmer, smoother, and younger-looking.

During the Treatment

When undergoing Potenza in Singapore, the first step will involve the specialist applying numbing cream to the treatment area. This is to make sure that the patient remains comfortable during the procedure, as those with sensitive skin may feel slight discomfort without this step. 

After the treatment area is successfully rendered numb, the RF microneedling device is applied to the skin and moved across the area. The needles make tiny punctures to the skin, while the RF waves emitted by the device warm the tissue beneath.

This entire process takes between 30 and 60 minutes, which varies based on the size of the area being treated. It is normal to feel very mild discomfort during the procedure, especially if it is being applied to a particularly sensitive area. The skin may also appear slightly red or swollen for a few hours after the procedure, but will subsequently return to normal.

Seeing Results

One of the reasons for the popularity of Potenza in Singapore, as mentioned, is that it can quickly deliver noticeable results. Within a day after the treatment is done, patients will typically be able to notice some improvement in the appearance of their skin. 

However, the full extent of the improvement will be visible after a few weeks to three months. This is because the body requires time to produce chemicals such as elastin and collagen, which contribute to the health of your skin. Once it has triggered this process, you will notice continuous improvement in the appearance of your skin over the next few months.

Post-Treatment Care

After undergoing Potenza treatment in Singapore, patients should take good care of their skin to prevent any side-effects. The most important step is to avoid exposure to harsh sunlight, and to use sunscreen (over SPF 30) to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. This is especially important in Singapore, as the country experiences somewhat stronger sunlight due to being close to the equator. 

You should also refrain from using harsh skincare products or exfoliants for a few days to a week after the Potenza treatment. This is because the procedure leaves your skin sensitive as it triggers your body’s healing process, so any strong chemicals or exfoliation techniques could result in a negative reaction.

Follow-Up Treatment

Depending on their skincare concerns, some patients may require multiple Potenza treatments to obtain the results they desire. Here, it is important to trust your doctor and rely on their advice to avoid damaging your skin with hasty follow-ups. A professional will be able to assess your skin during consultation and recommend the correct amount and frequency of treatments that will benefit you.

Another point to keep in mind is that since Potenza treatment is essentially triggering your body’s natural healing process, the results will not be permanent. As you continue to age, your skin will once again naturally develop wrinkles and creases over time. However, your doctor will likely recommend a healthy skincare routine and follow-up treatments to maintain the appearance of your skin.

Effective Potenza Treatment in Singapore with AEON Medical

Potenza treatment is a safe and effective method to rejuvenate your skin, with noticeable results in a relatively short time frame. However, it is important to choose the right clinic or aesthetician that will not only follow a procedure that suits your skin, but will also recommend ways to maintain and maximise its effects.

If you’re looking for such reliable Potenza treatment in Singapore, you can rely on Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre to help you be the best version of yourself. Located in Singapore’s bustling Orchard area, Aeon ensures you are supported by a team of expert doctors and aestheticians who will tailor the procedure to best suit you. Contact them today!

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