Freediving Fins – The Easy Guide To Choosing The Best Fins For You

freediving fins

Any freediver that’s serious about exploring the depths will need to invest in freediving fins. This piece of equipment allows divers to move through the water faster and easier, and has a significant effect on performance. However, free dive fins come in a variety of types, so you’ll need to spend some time to choose a pair that’s just right for you. Here are some of the key factors to consider when picking out the best freediving fins.

1. Length of The Blade

Blade length is one of the most important factors that will determine the freediving fins you choose, and it will come down to your individual strength and diving style. Using long fins for freediving allows you to displace more water and generate more power with each kick, enabling you to flow through the water faster. However, they can make it difficult to manoeuvre about, and can place increased strain on your legs. Shorter blades on the other hand, lose the kicking power, but enable greater manoeuvrability and are less strainful. 

2. Blade Stiffness

Stiffness of the blade is another important factor to consider when choosing a pair of freediving fins. With stiffer blades, you will receive more power from each kick, but may find that you tire more easily over time. This is because stiffer blades keep pushing at the water even with slight movements, which means that you will need more leg strength to compensate for the constant effort. On the other hand, while softer free dive fins will be easier on your legs, you’ll find they provide somewhat less power.

3. Weight

Similar to blade length and stiffness, the weight of freediving fins impacts the power of each kick and the effort required to make it. Heavier fins will give you higher power at the cost of more effort, while lighter ones do the opposite. Again, it comes down to your individual strength and whether you’re looking to dive further into the depths, or just explore somewhat shallow areas.

4. Material

Most commonly available freediving fins are made of plastic, as it is cheap and durable enough for typical use. Some high-end free dive fins are made of carbon fibre, which is more expensive, but is more durable and also lighter in comparison. Carbon fibre freediving fins are also stiffer, making them require more effort on the diver’s part. In general, casual freedivers would opt for plastic fins, while more experienced ones would choose to invest in a pair of carbon fibre fins.

5. Foot Pockets

The foot pocket of a freediving fin is the space your foot rests in. This is an aspect that you cannot overlook; similar to choosing a shoe, you should ensure the foot pocket of your free dive fins are comfortable. Ignoring this aspect will leave you with an uncomfortable diving experience, and may result in cuts and bruises to your feet. Always check whether the foot pocket is too tight or too loose on each foot, and if the material is one that you prefer.

6. Affordability

The price of freediving fins will, in most cases, be the deciding factor when choosing a pair for yourself. While casual freedivers in particular tend to look for the cheapest fins, the importance of quality should be noted, especially considering that this equipment will impact the diving experience. However, it is also important to note that the best freediving fins that suit you may not necessarily be the most expensive ones available.

The factors mentioned above should be carefully considered when choosing freediving fins, and then weighed against the amount you are willing to spend on them. You’ll find that investing in a pair of fins that are just right for you will make your diving excursions significantly less tiring and more enjoyable.

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